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A Little History...

The Old Hotel, once the Twin Bridges Hotel and built circa 1879, sits on the corner of 5th and Main Streets in downtown Twin Bridges, Montana. This Historic three-story brick building has lived thru numerous incarnations: as a Hotel, a Boarding House, & a Family Home for numerous local residents and visitors. If the walls could talk, they would confirm the tall tales & stories that have been shared by folks who have been a part of the rich history. Although this quaint building sat empty for a number of years, in 1996, it was lovingly brought back to life! To this day, the building retains much of its original charm as seen in the hardwood floors, staircases, doors, and architecture. In the Winter of 2012, The Old Hotel saw additional renovations and an expansion. And with the changing times and needs, a small revamp of our dining spaces to create the South Seas Sanctuary, in 2023, has given us opportunity to serve more guests.

Don't be fooled by the name, tho! The Old Hotel is a Walk-up Eatery ONLY. We DO NOT provide for overnight accommodations.

Our Story

 In the Summer of 2001 Bill and Paula made their first trip together, to visit family, in the Bitterroot Valley. They camped, hiked, learned how to fly fish, and had a fantastic time learning about Montana's history and culture. They were hooked!

Returning, in the Summer of 2002, they explored more of what the Treasure State had to offer... that Fall, they made their plans to move from O'ahu, Hawaii to Dillon, Montana.

Bill (having been born and raised in the islands) and Paula (growing up and living in the islands for close to 20 years), didn't truly know what to expect but were excited for their new adventure! They landed in Montana on July 1st, 2003.

With a pinch of hard work and a dash of good luck, they both took on great jobs. Bill working at Adventure Cycle & Sled, in Dillon, and Paula at The Old Hotel, in Twin Bridges. They took up all of the fun seasonal sports and activities that this region has to offer and really settled into enjoying Montana life!

Two years pass and the original owner of The Old Hotel, Jane Waldie, announces that she wants to sell the business. Always seeking new opportunities/adventure & with numerous years of food service industry experience, Bill & Paula jump at the chance to work together doing something that they are both passionate about... they go for it!

Nineteen years have come and gone since they purchased The Old Hotel and the adventure continues!

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Ruby, Kim, Adrianna, & Kari

As many of you know, we have been operating The OH with limited Staff for a couple of years now. Our crew may be small but they are mighty... and we would love for you to meet the rest of our OH OHana!


First up is Ruby!

From the time she was a little girl, Ruby knew she wanted to work at The OH. After many long years of waiting, Ruby began her venture with The OH- first at the Farmer's Market, and then as a Dishwasher & Prep Cook. Today, Ruby continues to help us create our online presence, as well as prep cooking, & serving.


 As she is pursuing a major in Business at Montana State University, we are grateful that we still get Ruby part-time thru the Summer months... and by the way, she has definitely joined the ranks of Seasoned Taste Tester, with Georgie & Kiwi, at The OH!


Next up is Kim!

She grew up in Billings but went to college in Missoula. For over 40 years, Kim worked in various avenues of accounting. Most recently, she was the Chief Financial Officer for Helena Public Schools.


When Kim retired, she and her husband moved to Wisconsin Creek. Here, she started landscaping and puppy-owning. But, wanting to socialize more, she joined the OH Ohana. And we're so glad she did!

Then we have Adrianna! 

Adrianna is a native Montanan, raised here in our Ruby Valley. She attended a small art school and ran around the west coast for a few years before returning back home to Montana. 

When she's not working here at the O.H., Adrianna spends her time working with her animals (horses, dogs, and even reptiles) or creating art in the form of painting, sculpting, and as of recently, tattooing! Upon her return to the valley, her and her partner have opened a cozy and welcoming tattoo studio in the Old Hotel, where the art continues to flow!


Finally, it's Kari!


Kari hails from Great Falls, Montana. She has 10 years of catering experience at Montana State University, where she also earned two degrees. In her free time, Kari dabbles in painting, writing and gardening. Notably, she hates the winter. So, after sunshine has melted away the last of her seasonal depression, Kari spends hot summer evenings cooling off in the Jefferson River or Branham Lakes! 


Georgie & Kiwi

Meet our Ambassadors of Aloha, King George and Queen Kiwi!

Born in 2013 on the Elford Ranch, George is a man about town and a full-blooded Pomeranian. Most importantly, he has become a renowned food critic! His favorites include: Beignets, Rib Eye steak, Frisbee games, and snuggles. Kiwi joined our Ohana in 2023, after a tumultuous few years as a pup! She is a spunky Chiweenie (Chihuahua and Dachshund mix) and with Georgie's assistance, she quickly became a seasoned Taste Taster for us too!

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