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In Hawaiian Culture, the essence of Kokua (pronounced: koh-koo-uhh) is to lend support or help, without intent for personal gain. It is done with the consideration of others, often to promote the betterment of one's community, & in the spirit of cooperation. Growing up in the islands, we were taught Kokua from an early age & it is an integral part of our lives.


For 18 years, The Old Hotel has provided us the opportunity to practice our art in a community that we love. We are truly grateful to our families, friends, & communities of South West Montana & beyond for the support we have received over the years! Time for Kokua!


We relish the opportunity to support the endeavors of our non-profits, schools, and community groups of South West Montana!


Mahalo Nui Loa,

Paula & Bill Kinoshita

4H Baking Day 2.jpg


Should Your Organization desire Kokua from The Old Hotel through Sponsorship or Donations, please submit the following form.

Thanks for submitting!

Please note: Sponsorship and Donations will be considered quarterly, on a first come first served basis. Sponsorships and Donations will ONLY be considered in this format & must be filled out completely. Should your organization be awarded, you will be contacted by an owner.

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